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TheraTogs™ are a “Velcro-sensitive garment” that applies prolonged, gentle forces to the child’s body to bring about changes in the way that they move. The garment allows the therapist or caregiver to attach straps that “work like external muscles” to improve the child’s posture and alignment of their limbs.
They can be used with a variety of diagnosis such as hypotonia, cerebral palsy, scissoring gait, knee hyperextension, ataxia, sensory disorders, flexible spinal kyphosis.
TheraTogs™ are a great adjunct to a therapy session. The garment can be worn under the child’s clothes throughout the day to help provide muscle or joint stability or sensory input to their whole body.
Our therapists are Certified TheraTogs™ Fitters and can assess your child and fit them with the TheraTogs™ system that will produce the best alignment.

For more information on TheraTogs, please visit TheraTogs website.
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