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Partial Weight Bearing Treadmill Training (PWBTT)

Pediatric Physical & Occupational Therapy, PLLC, uses the WalkAble from Litegait for our partial weight bearing treadmill training program.

This is a device that through a harness, positions the child in partial weight bearing either over a treadmill or over the ground. This decrease in weight bearing decreases the demands on the muscles and thereby allowing more effective and efficient gait.  It provides proper posture and eliminates the fear/concerns of falling and allows free movement of the arms and legs. It allows for progression of weight bearing from minimal weight bearing to maximum. Walking over a treadmill at constant rate provides rhythmic input which reinforces a reciprocal pattern of movement. The therapist’s hands are free so they can facilitate appropriate leg placement during walking on the treadmill.

Typically treatments are twice weekly for one half hour to one full hour. The program can run for 8 to 12 weeks. As soon as the goals are achieved gait should then be practiced over ground.

For more information about on the topic please view this brochure from the American Physical Therapy Association and for more information on the WalkAble please visit LiteGait. © 2011 • Privacy PolicyTerms Of Use

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