About Us

Pediatric Physical and Occupational Therapy of Hudson Valley (PPOT) is a state-of-the-art, out-patient private practice that provides innovative physical and occupational therapy to children from birth through adolescence. We help children who are not meeting their developmental milestones; have medical or neurological conditions that can be improved with therapy; have been injured and need rehabilitation; and children who already receive therapy at school, but may require additional help to meet their goals. 

Our therapists have dedicated their careers specializing in pediatrics. We have served as advocates and partner with children and their parents in neonatal intensive care units, Early Intervention, acute care, rehabilitation centers, BOCES, and the local school systems. Our training continues to evolve to keep pace with the ever-evolving techniques in pediatric physical and occupational therapy.  

Our therapists are skilled at assessing your child’s abilities relative to everyday tasks and behaviors to develop goals for your child’s specific needs, whether they require physical or occupational therapy. Our treatment programs are designed to help children achieve their personal best to enjoy the highest quality of life possible.  

Our 2,000 square foot facility is equipped with state-of-the-art specialty equipment that will encourage your child to fully engage in their treatment exercises and activities. Our compassionate and child-friendly team help you child feel at ease when entering our gym and look forward to all of the fun activities planned for them. We encourage parental observation of each session and take the time to enable parents to play a part in their child’s improvement through at-home activities that can be done in-between treatment sessions.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help children achieve their personal best to enjoy the highest quality of life possible. We create a compassionate, supportive environment where we enable parents to participate in their child’s improvement, advocate for the right services for every child, and celebrate each success along the way.  

Our Team

Linda Fuller

Linda H. Fuller, PT
Director of Physical Therapy

Linda, our founder, is a Board-Certified Specialist in Pediatric Physical Therapy who has dedicated her career to helping children and their families. After receiving her degree from the Department of Physical Therapy at New York University, Linda’s formative experiences in child rehabilitation centers, neonatal intensive care units, and with Early Intervention inspired her to compliment the established medical facilities and institutions with an out-patient facility for children.  

In 2005, Linda founded Pediatric Physical and Occupational Therapy of Hudson Valley to focus on helping children achieve their person best through leading-edge therapeutic techniques and dedicated, one-on-one treatment sessions. Over the years, Linda has incorporated innovative treatments like Intensive Physical Therapy, Spider Therapy, TheraTogs, and Whole-Body Vibration Therapy into her practice to help achieve the best outcomes possible for each individual child.  

Alex Photo Replacement

Alexandra Orloff, MA, OTR/L
Director of Occupational Therapy

Alex Orloff holds a Masters of Arts degree from the Department of Occupational Therapy at New York University; is a New York licensed occupational therapist; and is nationally certified by the National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy (NBCOT).  Alex has two decades of well-rounded therapy experience including working with children and adults at rehabilitation hospitals, schools, clinics, and in their home. In addition to providing direct therapeutic intervention, Alex has shared her vast experience and knowledge as an adjunct professor at Dominican College and Rockland Community College in their Occupational Therapy programs.  

Since joining Pediatric Physical and Occupational Therapy of Hudson Valley, Alex has focused her expertise on helping children maximize their skills for optimal functioning at home, in school and in the community. Specializing in sensory integration, Alex not only works with the child incorporating a variety of sensory rich opportunities during individual therapy sessions, but educates the family to follow through with sensory diets at home. Alex uses her training in reflex integration as well as a variety of auditory interventions including The Listening Program, Integrated Listening Systems (iLs), Therapeutic Listening, and Interactive Metronome in order to provide the most comprehensive therapeutic experience for your child.