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Physical Therapy Orange County NY
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Physical Therapy Orange County NY

Pediatric physical therapy helps children develop or regain the skills they need to move their bodies in order to meet every day challenges. This can include helping babies to crawl in order to retrieve their favorite toy that’s not in arm’s reach or retraining a child to negotiate stairs following a fractured femur from a fall.  

Regardless if your child has not met their developmental milestones, has an orthopedic impairment, or has a change in health status, our physical therapists use a multi-faceted individualized approach to therapy that is focused on the child's ability to move through his or her environment. PT goals include improving balance, strength, coordination, endurance, flexibility, and family training so the child can safely participate in activities at home, school, and the community - like running and climbing at the playground.  

Physical therapists work with children who have a variety of diagnoses including developmental delay, neurological impairments including cerebral palsy, and musculoskeletal disorders. Our comprehensive physical therapy evaluations are based on parent interview, clinical evaluations, and assessments tools (as indicated) including BOT-2, PDMS-2, GMFM, AIMS, and TGMD. 

Our Physical Therapists are experienced and highly trained, including knowledge in traditional and leading-edge therapeutic approaches described on this page. 


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