Success Stories

What parents say about us

"Jack had upper body weakness which led to deficiencies in many areas. Since working with Linda he learned that with practice and determination he can succeed." - CB

"Linda has been the only therapist to break through and turn work into an enjoyable activity that my child now practices on her own. We are extremely grateful!" - PA

"Everyone at PPOT was amazing to work with. You all went above and beyond what you needed to!" - AMS

"My son received professional and age appropriate therapy. During each session his therapy involved activities that were made fun for him and quite beneficial. I wish I would have known about you years ago!" - PK

"Our son was 3 months old when we noticed a developmental delay. PPOT’s staff was fantastic. Not only by easing our family’s concerns but by helping him overcome his 1 ½ month delay. We saw dramatic improvement within the first few weeks of treatment. We couldn’t have asked for a better place to bring our son for physical therapy." - NB

"I was so happy to have Linda work with my daughter and would recommend her to anyone expecting only top-notch care for their child. Your child will be in excellent hands!" - JD

"I am very happy with the progress my daughter made during her three weeks of intensive suit therapy. The biggest improvement I see is he ability to walk upstairs. She didn’t have the strength to bear her weight going up or downstairs before, and she can go up by herself now. Her teachers noticed  an increase in her confidence and she is willing to do things independently, where she always wanted help before." - DES

"My daughter has been pulling up to stand on and off since she was 8 months olds; the problem was that her pulling up to stand was inconsistent. After her 3 weeks suit therapy session, she began pulling up to stand on command and through motivation- this was never the case in the past. In addition, she was not able to walk with a walker. After Linda’s treatment, she was able to hold onto a walker and take a few steps while someone holds and pushes the walker. It took a bright therapist like Linda Fuller, who is trained in intensive therapy, to make the above a reality. I thank her expertise and efforts from the bottom of my heart." - MB

Our Friend Eliott

Eliott came to visit us from China for our leading edge Intensive Physical Therapy program. We helped him reach his individualized Physical Therapy goals and had a great time working with him and his family! You can listen to what his mom said to get a parent’s perspective on his successes.