Therapeutic Holiday Activities for Your Child

Parenthood is a thrilling journey filled with joys and uncertainties. As a dedicated parent, you’re always on the lookout for activities that can entertain your children while also helping them develop essential skills. This holiday season, why not engage your child in therapeutic holiday activities that are not only fun but also beneficial for their growth and development?

1 – Holiday Wish Lists for Improved Handwriting

Instead of just circling their wishes in toy catalogs, encourage your child to write a holiday wish list. This activity can help improve their handwriting skills while getting them excited about the season. If your child doesn’t have a list, they can write holiday cards to loved ones, ensuring they hold the markers correctly, which is excellent for fine motor development.

2 – Wrapping Paper Strength Training

The abundance of wrapping paper during the holidays provides an excellent opportunity to teach your children about recycling while also enhancing their fine motor skills. Have them crumple wrapping paper into medium-sized balls, which can increase hand strength and bilateral hand skills. Then, engage in a “snowball” fight or play a basketball game by tossing the paper balls into a wastebasket, secretly improving their eye-hand coordination.

3 – Holiday “I Spy” Game

Create a family-friendly “I Spy” game with a holiday theme. This activity not only entertains your children but also enhances their visual perception, scanning, attention, and discrimination skills. It’s a fun way to engage their senses while building important cognitive skills.

4 – Gift-Wrapping Extravaganza

Involve your children in the gift-wrapping process for your loved ones. Encourage them to measure paper to fit packages, cut paper in straight lines, fold paper neatly, and use scissors. Additionally, they can tear, cut, and stick tape, and even tie bows for the finishing touch. This wrapping activity strengthens various skills, including visual-motor integration, bilateral hand skills, problem-solving, and multi-step sequencing.

This holiday season, not only celebrate the festivities but also cherish the time spent with your children. Engage them in therapeutic activities that are not only enjoyable but also promote their development.


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